How to Improve Your Backlink Strategy

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Have you looked at your website stats lately? How are you doing? Is your Search Engine Ranking where you want it? I can help you with that. There are several tips on how to implement a strong backlink strategy. We will look at ten strategies you can use, but there are many more that we will look at in the future.

Ten backlinking strategies

  1. Quality and promotion are the name of the game. According to Semrush, “Done right, creating high-quality pages that will naturally attract backlinks and then promoting them are a scalable way to build backlinks for your website.
  2. Create a resource page of carefully selected and organized lists of links to quality resources.
  3. Broken Link Building might take a little time, but it is worth the effort. Broken link building means that you check your competitors’ websites. What you are looking for are broken links. The next step is to report those bad links to the webmaster of the site you found it. You can offer resources from your site that can replace them.
  4. The Skyscraper Technique – There are three steps to using this method. They are to find link-worthy content, make it better, and then send your expert link to those who linked to the original link.
  5. Help a Reporter Out (HARO) – You may have heard of this term before. HARO is a website that provides sources to journalists. The way it works is this. The steps to utilize this technique are registering, monitoring requests for sources (you), sending your pitch to the email address (not visible to you), and including answers to the journalist’s inquiry.

Improve your search engine ranking

  1. Link Gap Analysis – In this backlink strategy, you search for websites that link to your competitors’ websites. You are in line to be a resource. But darn, something is missing. Your website has not been listed as a source. To make this go faster, Semrush has their Backlink Gap tool you can use.

  2. Provide Testimonials – Testimonials can be your best friend in improving your search engine ranking by implementing a strong backlink strategy. Here’s how it works. You or a member of your team writes a blog post that highlights products that you use. Then you have to notify the owners of the websites you mention in your post. They may link to your content. Better yet, they may share it on social media.
  3. Supplier Links – Are you ready to try it out? Get a list of all your suppliers together, then check on all their sites. What you are looking for is whether they have a “where to buy” page that links to other retail locations. The button might be called “retailers” or “dealers.”Why would your supplier want to link to those retailers? It’s simple. They are happy to link to those sites because it puts you in the limelight. See? You have a backlink.
  4. Business Association Links – Do you belong to your local Chamber of Commerce? This is a great backlink strategy. Go to their website and look for the “Members” page. Semrush says If you’re a member but don’t see yourself listed, reach out and ask how to get added. Moreover, joining business directories is a great way to network.
  5. Listicle Link Building – I’m sure you have seen articles with lists (like this article). Typically, they highlight the best, top, or may even specify the number of how many items are included in the list. But what if your website isn’t among the best or top listed? Semrush gives more details on how to use listicle link building to your advantage.

So, what is my message here?

Improve Your Search Engine Ranking. How? Implementing a strong backlink strategy can include many different techniques. I have included ten ways in this article, from quality and promotion to broken link analysis to link gap analysis down to listicle link building.

You don’t have the time or expertise to try these strategies yourself? That is okay. Contact me. I will work with you, and together, we will have your website ranking at the top of your competitors and make Google happy too.


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