6 Cloud Phone System Benefits for SMBs

cloud phone system including texting, recording, and computing

Imagine having access to telephones, voicemail, voicemail transcription, texting, conferencing, and collaboration from almost anywhere at any time? It sounds like the future and an unbelievable idea. With the growth of cloud phone systems and enterprise VoIP services, it’s easier than ever before to let your business communicate and collaborate remotely. Whether you are a small- to medium-sized (SMB) or large business enterprise, you can have multiple cloud phone system benefits at your fingertips.

Remote working has become more commonplace than ever. Businesses are moving their operations into the cloud to streamline day-to-day business processes and make them more efficient. The availability of cloud phone systems means that your business doesn’t just have access to a telephone system in real time – they have virtual access to all the different features of an entire telephone system including voicemail, call forwarding, extensions, conference calling, recording capabilities, etc.

6 Cloud Phone System Benefits for SMBs

1. Communication is key to business success

The ability to communicate with your employees and clients is an essential part of running a successful business. Whether you are hiring new staff or looking to expand and operate your business, it’s vital that you are able to keep in touch with employees, suppliers, and other clients. Businesses need to be able to communicate with each other in order to be effective.

When your employees are out of contact for one reason or another, it can cause frustration, inefficiency, and missed opportunities.

2. Teleworking is now a reality for businesses.

Forget cliched visions of telecommuters tapping away at keyboards in bland, windowless office surroundings. Teleworkers are the new normal and are more productive and cost-effective than their ‘desk-bound’ counterparts. In fact, a recent survey in Statista found the worldwide public cloud computing market continues to grow and is expected to reach an estimated 490 billion U.S. dollars in 2022.

Additional Benefits of Cloud Phone Systems

In addition to communications and teleworking, there are a number of benefits to allowing employees to work via cloud phone systems. We will now delve further into cost-effectiveness, room for growth, reliability and security,  improved security, and increased flexibility and mobility.

3. Cloud-based phone systems are cost-effective.

For many businesses, the cost of maintaining an office is proving to be a significant barrier to growth. With the cost of renting or purchasing existing premises in many cities continuing to rise, many small and medium-sized enterprises are being forced to look at the cost of their business as a whole and make changes that will ultimately benefit their bottom line. One of the benefits of cloud-based phone systems is you won’t have the maintenance costs associated with equipment purchases, repairs, and maintenance. Your cloud set-up costs and monthly payments will be far less expensive in comparison.

4. Social networking opens up opportunities for growth.

In particular, there are also social benefits, such as reduced feelings of isolation and increased feelings of connection with others. When they are able to work with individuals or groups, their sense of well-being improves. You can increase their productivity, decrease employee stress, and improve the quality of their work.

And what about you? Given that you can work from anywhere that has an internet connection, you can be free to grow your business. Your capabilities to connect with other departments or even other individuals or companies increase. Attend teleconferences, summits, and webinars with the flick of a button using video conferencing.

Having your employees use artificial intelligence (AI) to transcribe speaker notes, videos, and podcasts monumentally increases your opportunities to repurpose content because of cloud phone systems. especially with mobile apps receiving more focus.

With the cloud’s accessibility through mobile apps, you can access cloud communication even when you are in remote locations. You can easily make and take business calls from home or during business trips (and even work from the beach).

5. Cloud phone systems are reliable.

With the growth of cloud phone systems and services, it is now easier than ever before to let your business communicate and collaborate remotely. Cloud phone systems are often considered to have some of the most reliable features available. This includes a wide range of features, including phone numbers that can be ported over to a new system, and call logs that can be reviewed to ensure no one is wasting time on the phone or sending out incorrect messages.

6. Security is Enhanced

Our final and sixth benefit is two-prong because it provides security, but it also has risks. A provider who wants to make sure your system is secure will implement rigorous methods to ensure your business, your employees, and your clients are safe. But even with their doing this, you still have to do your part. Be alert and practice good internet security. Computer security is vital to the health of your business, especially with the increase in hacker activity.

Bottom line

There are no doubt many more reasons to use cloud phone systems. However, those are just a few of the major benefits that businesses are now experiencing. With the ever-increasing need for remote working, virtual communications, and the ability to work from home, it is clear that cloud phone systems are set to become even more popular in the near future.

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