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Do you get fed up when you search Google for content and it is years (and years) old? There’s a better way, you know. Here’s how to get the most out of your search Google results. 

search google

Where Is the Current Material

I’m sure you are all familiar with Google’s Home page:

How many times do you go to search for an answer to a question or need to do research or get information for blog articles or get supportive documentation for the development of your eTraining Manuals – and the viewable search results in search Google are from back in 2009, 2010, 2013, you get the picture. The results are just plain…well, old.

What if you could search in Google and have current information populate your search results close to the top? You can! Here is how.


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Note:  All images below are modified from Google Advanced Search in Chrome.

Search Google

Let’s say that I want to do research on the topic, “What is duplicate content?”
Why not follow along as I do a step-by-step for you.

search Google

1. Type in your query in the search field and press enter to bring up all results having to do with this topic. Depending on what browser you are using (I like Chrome), you will see articles from well-known websites such,, Google Support, and others that have been posted over several years.

2.  To narrow our search, click on Settings and scroll down to Advanced search and left click on it as shown below:

search Google advanced search settings

A new window will open that is broken into two sections:
• Find pages with
• Then narrow your results by

We are interested in narrowing our results by last update. The default that is shown is anytime. If you click on the down arrow next to anytime, you will have several options you can choose from. Here, let me show you:

search google for latest updates

Next, make your selection for the timeframe you want your results to be in when you search Google for current content. Myself, I mostly choose past year so I get a good variety while excluding the really old data or content.

Once you have made your selection, make sure that you click on the blue Advanced Search button to save your choice.

advanced search google

After you click on the Advanced Search button, you will be taken back to the search google results with the content showing your choice first. In our sample topic, we now see sites like Moz, WordStream, Yoast and more.

If you are adventurous, you can check out the additional filters on the Advanced Search page. In addition, why not check out our eTraining Tips.

Get In the Habit

Call me a creature of habit, but when I went to college, the instructors always taught me that the most recent content was the best to support your article. I’ve never gotten out of that habit, so I was very glad to see an easy way to search Google for current content. Why not start using search Google to your advantage now!
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