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How many times have you gone to the Internet and searched for how to e-Training manuals only to come up short? Say you have wanted to learn how to do something on your computer and you’ve searched and searched only to find out that the information is missing steps or is so complex that you can’t figure out “how to” and give up in frustration?

eLearning Solution

Borlok VA eTraining Manuals has the answer to your dilemma. We will take you through learning how to do something in a step-by-step format – online – that you can easily learn and understand. How will we do this? We’ll do it with a mixture of written content, screencasts (how to images), and maybe even down the line, with videos.

eTraining Manuals for how to work with your computer do not have to be so difficult, long and boring that you don’t want to have anything to do with them. Come along with us as we build a website that you can use as one of your “go to” reference manuals for online learning that will be developed with the 4 Cs of successful training which means they will be:

• Clear
• Consistent
• Concise
• Correct

eLearning using How To manuals can even be fun if done right. E-Training manuals from Borlok VA will be written so even the newest of computer users will be able to learn quickly and easily – in a step-by-step format!



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